Welcome to the Komodo Project

Komodo is a new GNU/Linux distribution which takes off all of the chains holding back innovation. The intent is to implement our dream; that is, a fully modern open source (free as in freedom) OS enjoyable for all users. New computer users, common desktop users, computer enthusiasts and even the IT admin next door should be able to enjoy Komodo just the way they like it, whether that be through a desktop environment, the command line, or remotely over the web. Komodo has learned a lot already from other operating systems--modern and classic--and innovates on ideas raised by members of the open-source OS developer community and of course Komodo's developers as well.
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If you're a developer who's interested in this project, please see the About page for some information about us and Projects has a list of components and their general progress. If you can help with any of those, we would gladly accept it, even if you have an idea for something our Projects page doesn't cover.

Recent News

Komodo Core AP1 has been built and installs, and we have already gained a lot from the experience. There are plenty of problems with this release, and earlier builds didn't work at all. So, for the time being I won't waste my CPU time seeding something that not only isn't what I'd like to present to the community, but also wouldn't be picked up by many for quite awhile. At this time, I'm not really interested in submitting it to international OSS mirrors yet either. If you are interested in playing with AP1 though, you can email me at xfurious at gmail dot com. I'd be glad to seed it privately although it will most certainly take quite awhile because my Internet connection is far from optimal.


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